Sidney Bailin



I started composing when I was 6. My first piece was in three-part counterpoint. I don't know how I managed that. All I played at the time was recorder.

I started learning species counterpoint when I was around 10. My teacher was musicologist Gerrit Tetenburg, a brilliant teacher and dear friend, now gone. Though I had many teachers after him, Gerrit was the one who taught me music.

I entered Juilliard when I was 15, studying piano with Ania Dorfmann and composition with Hall Overton. Overton taught me the basics of technique. Dorfmann on the other hand would just yell at me. The following year, I left her for private lessons with Jeaneane Dowis. At 18 I enrolled as a college student at Juilliard, and studied that year with Roger Sessions and Otto Luening. I learned much from both of them. Luening taught me the invaluable lesson of trusting my ear. But I was getting more and more interested in mathematics, and the following year I moved to Columbia University, first as a double major in music and mathematics, then dropping the music.

So began what I now think of as a long exile from music. I composed only sporadically. Then in 2002 I met the person who became my wife. That union, while it lasted, reawakened the deepest and most creative parts of me. I soon realized it was time to start composing seriously again. I am happily productive now, and looking for ways to get my music heard. A CD containing some piano pieces and two electro-acoustic works is currently in production with Parma Recordings.

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